The first fashion collection mad for burgers.

To connect with fashion-obsessed Gen Z Kuwaitis, we transformed Burger King into a fashion brand during Fashion Week.
How can Burger King blend into young Kuwaitis culture? We needed to make Burger King relevant for Gen Z through the launch of the King’s Box. Insight:  Kuwait’s Gen Z: staying ‘in’ to stand out. Kuwait, known as the cosmopolitan Hollywood of the Gulf, has a fashion-obsessed young generation that lives and dies for the latest trends. 
Idea:  A world-first fashion collection for burgers. We created the first fashion collection designed for and inspired by burgers. A one-of-a-kind experience during Fashion Week where we transformed Burger King into a fashion brand. 
Case Study
Whopper film
Mushroom & Swiss Film
Plant Based Film
Chicken Film
Directed by Saad Shehzad 
 M&C Saatchi UAE team 
Creative director: Camila Venegas
Copywitter: Silvia Carreño Vera 

Art Direction: Camila Venegas
CCO:Ryan Reed 
Arabic Copywritter: Zeina Assaad 
Production:Chloe Collins-Cole Leighla McGregor and Irish Degala.

Producing the powerful Jolianne Ray from GOOD Stills, Photography, DOP Toby Plummer, 
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