For a gaming audience that can barely sit through a five-second pre-roll, we suddenly had them sitting down for hours. And hours. And hours…
Why? Because the Elden Ring and From Software audience has never been one to back down from a challenge. 
​So we made a challenge of our own. 
​Rule #1: Only fire damage. 
Rule #2: Defeat all remembrance bosses. 
Case study
Gamers Gaming 
The results so far?
Over 400,000 views on YouTube. 
Over 1,500 comments. 
Over 7,200 watch hours on Twitch. 
Endless memes.
An everlasting place in one of the greatest games in history.
Copywriter: Jack Rogers
Art Director: James Young
Creative Direction: Silvia Carreno Vera, Camila Venegas Gomez
Client service: Victorya Frolova, Tasneem Nedal
CCO: Ryan Reed
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