Hardee's UAE was on a mission to transform its business and achieving higher recognition in an overly saturated market. By reaching out to a younger generation, with a completely new brand positioning and message, we took the brand ALL IN with an unapologetic approach to the fast food culture and spirit. 

We build on the brand spirit, and along with it a brand transformation in every level. To celebrate the unapologetic nature of the New Hardee's, we created a fresh and bold take on every touchpoint. Tone of voice dictated the way consumers engaged with the products. And the new illustration style added a lighthearted emotional storytelling to the brand experience. ​​​​​​​

Creative Director: Jamie Kennaway
Sr. Art Director: Camila Venegas
Design Director: Giovanni Bordé
Copywriter: Jamie Kennaway
Designers: Camila Venegas, Giovanni Bordé
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